Economic crisis, education cuts

Australia: Youth jobless rate soars in working class suburbs: here.

USA: California: The state government is responding to the economic crisis by attacking whatever remains of the social safety net upon which millions of people depend: here.

This is a video of Californian students protesting Schwarzenegger’s education cuts.

California residents speak on the economic crisis: here.

The impact of emergency budget cuts being implemented by Democratic Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will fall heavily on the most vulnerable layers of the population: here.

Germany: Thousands demonstrate against run-down of the education system: here. And here.

UK unemployment rose to 2.261 million in the three months to April, the highest since November 1996, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said yesterday: here.

The Lindsey oil refinery dispute has escalated with workers from power stations and oil and gas terminals across Britain walking out in solidarity: here.

French firm Total fires staff at Lindsey refinery after they walk out on strike: here.

Humanity will achieve the dubious distinction this year of having more than 1 billion members of its species living in hunger for the first time in history: here.

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