British expenses scandal continues

From British daily The Guardian:

MP expenses claim details censored as they go online

The Commons authorities today published 1m expenses claims and receipts covering the past four years but have censored some of the most damaging information.

The online publication excludes all rejected claims and all addresses, disguising the extent to which politicians used the “flipping” tactic to redesignate their second homes so they maximised their income.

Freedom of information campaigners have criticised the blacking-out of key details in MPs’ expenses claim forms which were released today: here.

Expenses scandal, cartoon from The Independent

PM [Gordon Brown] forced to sack junior Treasury minister in face of evidence she ‘flipped’ homes for month to avoid tax: here.

Scotland Yard could begin full criminal investigations into a handful of MPs over their expenses within weeks: here.

More than 30 MPs claimed the maximum £400 allowance for food every month last year, with many billing the taxpayer for meals when the Commons was not sitting: here.

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