Italian earthquake survivors protest against Berlusconi

This 7 July 2010 video says about itself:

Hundreds of demonstrators from the earthquake-hit city of L’Aquila clashed with police as they attempted to protest outside government buildings hosting Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s offices.

After the earthquake disaster in L’Aquila, Italy, the Berlusconi government has proved to be better in “compassionate” rhetoric than in helping the quake survivors.

Ten thousands of them still are homeless, having to live in tent camps.

The survivors have demonstrated in Rome against Berlusconi.

Berlusconi‘s starlet scandals: here. And here.

15 thoughts on “Italian earthquake survivors protest against Berlusconi

  1. Minister makes ‘fascist salute’

    ITALY: The tourism minister faced calls for her resignation on Wednesday after a video posted by a newspaper apparently showed her making a fascist salute earlier this month.

    The video shows Michela Brambilla extending her right arm upward in what appears to be a salute used by fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and his followers.

    Ms Brambilla, a former beauty queen and close ally of right-wing Premier Silvio Berlusconi, said she was “astounded” by the accusations.


  2. October 2009: humanitarian emergency in L’Aquila

    We claim for the attention of those who expressed their solidarity to what happened here after the earthquake and is still happening.

    We refer to those who are caring about the catastrophe we are living in our territory and the management of the situation after the earthquake.

    Today, 18th October 2009, it’s very cold in L’Aquila. We’re living the most critical phase, during the night the temperature reaches -5 Celsius degrees and winter is coming. A winter that will be extremely hard.

    Housing solutions, expected for the beginning of the autumn season, are not ready yet and around 6000 people are still living in the tents inside emergency camps.

    Only 2000 people receive a temporary house from the governmental plans C.A.SE. and M.A.P.

    The majority of the inhabitants of L’Aquila are still living in camps and other emergency housing solution around the region, waiting for coming back in their city. Nowadays, the dismantlement of the camps is causing new displacement of the evacuees in farer places, often very difficult to be reached.

    We, so called “irreducible”, are just persons (as all the others) who work in the city, whose children study in L’Aquila’s schools. Many of us don’t have any transport mean and some others own agricultural fields or animals that need care and feeling. We are persons who want to stay in L’Aquila to take pat in its reconstruction.

    Since more than 6 months we are living in tents, suffering big sacrifices, but the cold weather that is coming put at risk our survival.

    If we don’t accept the emergency housing solution the government foresees for us (often really far away), the government would cut water, energy and services’ connections.

    Today, more than before, we need your support and solidarity.

    Local bodies and the Civil Protection Corps just abandoned us. According to the last news, the removable housing modules that we are asking since last May will maybe (and only maybe) arrive in other 45 days.

    We need caravans, campers or containers to live in and stoves that can help us to live in the upcoming winter season. Local administrations and the Civil Protection corps are ignoring our request, that’s why we are asking to Italian and worldwide citizens to demonstrate again their solidarity.

    We need not to feel lonely.

    For all the above-mentioned reasons we ask everybody to organise solidaity sit-in and demonstrations in every city, town and village on Saturday 24th October. We ask you to bring in your cities some tents (as the one we live inside since April) to express your solidarity to us, the 6000 people living in camps since 6 months.

    Another emergency just starter today. It’s not caused by natural catastrophes but by the post- earthquake management it self. It is the result of the approach of those who managed the situation after the earthquake, taking decisions and actions without caring about the life of displaced people.

    Some inhabitants of the camps under 0 Celsius degrees

    For donations and information:




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