Schwarzenegger against conservation

This video from the USA is called: Arnold [Schwarzenegger] To Special Interests – “I’ll Be Back”.

Two years ago, there was an item on this blog, called USA: Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘green’? Not really. Though Schwarzenegger did have a quarrel with fellow Republican Bush on energy policy, basically he is a chip off the old George W. block of anti-environmentalism.

Frow the New Scientist:

Schwarzenegger tries to terminate conservation funding

11:46 16 June 2009 by Peter Aldhous

Conservation projects in California’s state parks face a bleak future, if cuts proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger go through.

To tackle a swelling state deficit that has reached $24.3 billion, the “Governator” wants to slash spending across the board – including funding for 80 per cent of the 270 sites run by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Those parks earmarked for closure include world-famous attractions such as the giant sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Gated access roads to some parks would be closed, but many parks can be easily entered from public highways. With no rangers on hand to keep a watchful eye on visitors, that could be bad news for threatened species such as the desert tortoise.

Moving targets

In a recent survey, researchers led by Kristin Berry of the US Geological Survey in Moreno Valley found a worryingly high death rate among young animals in the Red Rock Canyon State Park, north of Los Angeles – some of which had gunshot wounds.

The proposed funding cuts would also eliminate conservation management activities such as the removal of invasive plants and efforts to prevent catastrophic fires. In Calaveras, this involves the removal of fir trees allowed to grow by earlier fire suppression efforts – and which now threaten a conflagration that could engulf the sequoias.

“That’s work that would have to stop,” says Rick Rayburn, chief of natural resources with the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

Safety fears

California’s state parks also host at least 120 field-research projects each year. These include a four-decade study of breeding elephant seals at the Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve, south of San Francisco, by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

“We’re concerned that we’ll be locked out of our research sites,” says Steve Davenport, who manages the Año Nuevo research site for the university. “And if the public can get in there and there is no ranger staff, there could be serious disruption to populations – and people could get hurt.”

On the other hand, Schwarzenegger stopped a referendum in which California voters wanted to end the Iraq war. Now, if that referendum would have stopped putting all that tax money into the bottomless pit of Bush’s wars, that REALLY would have been good news for the environment and other good stuff on which Schwarzenegger is now cutting back.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to veto a bill proposing a special day of commemoration for gay rights activist Harvey Milk: here.

3 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger against conservation

  1. Environment Groups Find Less Support on Court

    By ADAM LIPTAK, The New York Times – July 3, 2009

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court heard five environmental law cases in the term that ended Monday, and environmental groups lost every time. It was, said Richard J. Lazarus, a director of the Supreme Court Institute at Georgetown University Law Center, “the worst term ever” for environmental interests.

    The court allowed Navy exercises using sonar that threatened whales off California. It limited the liability of companies partly responsible for toxic spills. It made it harder to challenge Forest Service regulations and easier to dump mining waste into an Alaskan lake. And it allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to use cost-benefit analysis to decide how much marine life may be killed by cooling structures at power plants.


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