New bird site on the Internet

From BirdLife:

Free tools for conservation – Everyone loves free stuff and this is equally true for conservation biologists, especially if it is easily downloadable from the internet! Xeno-canto is a platform for birders, biologists and conservationists to share knowledge and recordings of the world’s birds. Visitors can search through sounds in many different ways, make maps showing locations of recordings, and use simple song characteristics to try and identify unknown songs heard in the field. Xeno-canto provides access to its collections to anyone in the world. The recordings are shared under a Creative Commons license, allowing unlimited (non-commercial) distribution and copying. The final region (Australasia) has recently come online. Check it out at

Listen to the amazing call of the Critically Endangered Stresemann’s Bristlefront Merulaxis stresemanni (XC22834) coutresy [sic] of Xeno Canto.

Stresemann's bristlefront

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