Economic crisis and politics

Bankers vs. sacked workers in the USA, cartoon

USA: The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it opposed any government-imposed limits on the salary and bonuses of the CEOs and other top officials of major banks that have received trillions of dollars in federal handouts and guarantees over the past eight months: here.

CEOs still living the high life: here.

USA: Tuesday was the last business day for the 789 Chrysler dealers slated for shutdown in the automakers bankruptcy plan. WSWS reporters spoke to employees of a closing dealership in Livonia, Michigan: here.

New Michael Moore Movie Looks At The Financial Meltdown. It Opens Oct. 2nd, Don’t Miss It: here.

The decision by the German government to force one of the country’s biggest business groups [Arcandor] into bankruptcy is a direct response to the European elections. Following the Social Democratic Party’s dramatic loss of electoral support, neo-liberal business layers feel they have the upper hand: here.

Britain: The two day strike on the London Underground rail network represents a determined stand by Tube workers against the frontal assault being waged on their jobs, wages and conditions: here.

Left economists and trade unions gave short shrift to the assertions by a right-wing think tank that the “recession had ended”: here.


It wasn’t that long ago that the banks precipitated a crisis that shook the world’s economy to its roots and is still causing the loss of thousands of jobs every month at undercapitalised and credit-starved manufacturing companies: here.

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