United States economic crisis

The California state government is responding to the budget crisis through a massive attack on education, health care, and whatever remains of the state’s social safety net: here.

This video is called Speech by President of Boston Globe Newspaper Guild.

The Boston Newspaper Guild voted down a concessions proposal from the Boston Globe’s owners that would have slashed $10 million in wages and benefits. Management announced it would unilaterally impose a 23 percent wage cut on Guild members: here. See also here.

1 thought on “United States economic crisis

  1. Rick Wolff: GM — The system strikes back; Michael Moore: `Convert
    the factories to build trains, buses, windmills’

    By Rick Wolff
    June 5, 2009 — The greatest tragedies among many in the collapse and
    bankruptcy of General Motors (GM) concern what is not happening. There
    are those solutions to GM’s problems not being considered by Obama’s
    administration. There are the solutions not being demanded by the United
    Auto Workers Union (UAW). There are all the solutions not even being
    discussed by most left commentators on the disaster. Finally there are
    crucial aspects of GM’s demise not getting the attention they deserve.

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1089


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