Free Swazi political prisoners campaign

This video from the PUDEMO opposition party in Swaziland says about itself:

Say goodbye to archaic feudalism.
Say goodbye to an absolute monarchy.
Say goodbye to a one-party state.
And say hello to the 21st century.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Call to free Swazi political prisoners

Friday 05 June 2009

Pro-democracy campaigners protested outside the Swazi Consulate in the South African city of Johannesburg today to demand the release of political prisoners.

The protest, organised by the Swaziland Solidarity Network, demanded the release of People’s United Democratic Movement president Mario Masuku, his lawyer Thulani Maseko, South African Amos Mbedzi and all political prisoners in Swazi King Mswati III’s jails.

The SSN delivered a statement to the consulate in which they said: “We will utilise every platform to stress the violent nature of your regime, the suffering of your people who live in structural poverty, lack of education, employment and are ravaged by HIV/Aids.”

Mr Maseko, Swaziland’s most prominent human rights lawyer, has been charged with sedition for comments he allegedly made at a May Day rally last month.

4 thoughts on “Free Swazi political prisoners campaign

  1. The fight for democracy in Swaziland is ongoing. As well as the case of Thulani Maseko,another Swazi dissident has gone into exile this week to avoid imprisonment under a sedition law dating back to 1938. In a different case the International Commission of Jurists has condemned a High Court ruling confirming (against the constitution) the banning of politcal parties in Swaziland. This week the Swazi king, the last absolute monarch in sub-Saharan Africa was praised to the hilt by Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe.

    I blog on human rights and civil liberties in Swaziland. If you’re interested, come visit –


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