No Jewish, Roma, equal rights in NATO’s Bosnia

This is a video about Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia during nazi days.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Bosnia taken to court over ‘racist’ constitution

Wednesday 03 June 2009

A Bosnian Jew and an ethnic Roma have taken Bosnia to the European Court of Human Rights because the country’s US-drafted constitution prevents them from running for presidency and parliament.

Minority Rights Group International (MRGI), which backs their case, reported that the two challenged the state at the highest chamber of the European Court in Strasbourg.

Bosnia’s constitution, which was drafted in Dayton, Ohio, by US officials in a hurry to stop Bosnia’s 1992-95 war, allows only Muslim Bosniaks, Christian Orthodox Serbs and Roman Catholic Croats to run for president or parliament.

Bosnian citizens Jakob Finci, a prominent Jew, and Dervo Sejdic, of Roma ethnicity, are arguing that, by preventing people from certain religious and ethnic communities from running, the Bosnian constitution and relevant election laws are discriminatory and violate key UN conventions and European treaties.

MRGI head of law Lucy Claridge noted that such constitutional limitations are “not only discriminatory but they also exclude people from some ethnic and religious groups from participating fully and effectively in public life.”

See also here.

When NATO invaded Kosovo in 1999 along with Greater Albanian nationalists, all Jews and most Roma were driven out by ethnic cleansing.

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