Racist attacks on students in Australia

By Patrick O’Connor in Australia, 2 June 2009:

About 4,000 Indian university students protested in central Melbourne on Sunday night in opposition to a series of violent and racist attacks in recent months. The rally has focussed international attention on the issue, with the question of student safety in Australia now headline news in India.

See also here. And here. And here.

Another video of the Indian students’ demonstration: here.

Protests by Indian students studying in Australia that erupted in Melbourne on May 30 have spread to Sydney over recent days: here.

Protests by Indian students in Australia over the past 12 days have brought to light an ugly under-current of violent and racist attacks that have produced outrage and deep concern among many ordinary people in both India and Australia: here. And here.

Indian students in Australia speak to WSWS about recent racist attacks: here.

New Delhi has called on Australia to accelerate investigations into a spate of savage attacks on Indian citizens, warning that a failure to tackle the spate of apparent hate crimes could undermine relations: here.

5 thoughts on “Racist attacks on students in Australia

  1. Assaults on Indians in Australia: Globalisation, recession and
    renewed racism

    By the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation
    June 4, 2009 — The continuing spate of attacks and violence against
    Indians and Indian students in particular in Australia has once again
    exploded the much-touted myth that globalisation promotes and respects
    pluralism and multiculturalism. The response of the Australian
    government has been shockingly muted, trying to cover up and even deny
    the racist dimensions of the attacks, terming them as just routine
    robberies and muggings. If so, why do Indians constitute a
    disproportionate share of the victims — 30% in Melbourne?

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1084


  2. The genesis of racial attacks needs a dig into the history of Australian white population.

    In 18th century Australia was understood to be a remote and unattractive land for European population. Britain, after loss of American colonies, was faced with overcrowded domestic prisons. Food shortages, social upheaval caused by industrialization and urbanization led to increase in crime and prison population. In 1786 the British government announced to establish penal settlement at Botany Bay (now new South Wales). It was considered the best way to get rid of prison population, as the penal settlement was self sustaining and saved government of huge expenditure. That was the beginning of permanent settlement of whites in Australia.

    Coming back to the point, that criminalization is in the DNA of population, passed on over generations. One can see this behavior whether in social life or on the cricket field. Whenever threatened by the other races, whether in field of education, jobs or games it is only their natural behavior that gets manifested. Why blame them? They need to be sympathized with. We pray to GOD that the karma of their ancestors be healed so that their future generations can learn to coexist with rest of the world.


  3. Re #2: hi sumer, though I abhor the racism in Australia like you, I would not say your analysis is correct.

    I do not think that crime is passed on from generation to generation by DNA, though it may be (not necessarily: is) passed on by nurture. The late 18th century penal settlers were not sent to Botany Bay for the crime of racism. They were sent there for other crimes; including some for the “crime” of being poor; or being Irish and not liking English rule. Most white Australians are descendants from later immigrants who went there because gold was found or for other economic reasons. Or because they were Croatian Ustasha nazis post 1945 … or the Netherlands were poor in 1945 … etc. etc. There were very many different motives for going to Australia.

    What is more important to understand present racism is the heritage of violently taking the Aborigines’ land away from them; the White Australia official immigration policy until not so long ago; etc. Which should be seen in the context of racism in the British empire (and other colonial empires) in general.


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