Poland, bye bye

Goniadz, Poland, 23 May.

After the beautiful things which we have seen yesterday, this morning is our last chance to walk along Biebrza national park.

On the other river bank, a red deer is visible in the telescope.


Willow warbler sound. Its relative, the greenish warbler, is one the last migratory birds to come back in spring. It might have arrived here from India by now; but we did not see it.

Great reed warbler and Savi’s warbler singing in the reeed beds.

Roe deer on the other side.

A male marsh harrier, pursued by a lapwing.

A sedge warbler, flying upwards, singing.

A jay flies to a tree.

A white stork stands on a rooftop.

House martins fly to their nests under the bridge. At least one sand martin flies among them.

A tree sparrow is nesting in a hole in the top of a lamppost near the bridge.

A redshank sitting on a pole.

A swift, drinking river water while flying.

On the sandy road back: a greenfinch, and goldfinches.

A collared dove on a wire.

At 11 o’clock, our bus to Warsaw departs.

11:05: many white storks as we cross the bridge over the Biebrza river.

A lapwing on a field.

12:05: just before Sambory village, a hare crosses the road.

At 12:10, we cross the Narew river bridge.

White-winged Black Tern

White-winged black terns flew there. They were the last ones of many “special” birds which we saw in Poland.

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