Bialowieza, last morning

This video is called Białowieża National Park (Poland).

Bialowieza, Poland, 19 May.

Our last morning here.

A little tern flying over a palace park pond.

This is a video of a red-backed shrike couple in the Bargerveen in the Netherlands.

On a shrub on the clearing, a male and a female red-backed shrike sitting together.

A female marsh harrier.

Back in the palace park: tree sparrows. White-collared flycatcher. A common treecreeper (see also here) climbing a tree.

Just outside the park, house martin nests on the post office building.

At the river bridge, a great reed warbler singing.

A beautiful big butterfly, an old world swallowtail, is sitting on sandy soil. Wings spread out, in order to catch morning sun warmth after the wings have become cold in the night.

This is a video of an old world swallowtail emerging from its pupa.

Poland’s environment ministry may destroy the ancient Białowieża Forest: here.

Dutch report on Bialowieza: here.

9 thoughts on “Bialowieza, last morning

  1. Greenpeace backs primeval forest

    Poland: Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner from the roof of Poland’s Environment Ministry in Warsaw demanding the preservation of an ancient forest.

    Greenpeace spokeswoman Katarzyna Guzek said that the government must stop logging in the Bialowieza forest in eastern Poland, Europe’s last primeval forest.


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