Warsaw rookery

Saturday, 16 May 2009.

Just before the train reaches Weesp, two hares in a meadow.

A bit further, a tufted duck in a pond.

Later, the plane flies across Gooimeer lake and the fields of Flevoland.

The weather is sunny.

Later, over Germany, half of the sky gets cloudy.

Over Poland, the whole sky gets cloudy.

This is a video from a rookery in Kazakhstan.

12:25: outside Warsaw airport, a big rookery in a bush. Hundreds of rooks‘ nests. Recent research claims that rooks are as intelligent as chimpanzees in tool-making; see also here.

Rooks Use Stones to Raise the Water Level to Reach a Floating Worm: here.

Below the trees, wood pigeons and magpies on the ground.

It is cloudy, but it does not rain.

Swifts flying around high-rise buildings.

Legia Warsaw soccer club graffiti on a wall.

Dandelion flowers on lawns.

Jackdaws sitting on the tops of market stalls.

A kestrel.

It starts raining as the bus passes forests.

Barn swallows on wires.

Three white storks in a meadow.

We arrive in Bialowieza village, close to the famous national park of the same name. Stay tuned, as more entries on nature in Poland will appear on this blog.

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