Latvian Rightists want gay pride ban

From Free Speech Emergency in Latvia blog:

Riga city councilors ask that Baltic Pride be banned

More than 30 Riga city councilors (Riga, population around 800 000, has 60 council seats, probably the largest number of any municipality in the world) have signed a letter asking that the committee that approved a planned May 16 Baltic Pride March rescind the permit.

The reasons: 1) it would cost too much in police resources and street closures in times of economic crisis 2) a public gathering of LGBT persons is a threat to the morals and virtue of the city.

Two prominent signers of the letter were councilwoman Helmi Stalte, a member of Latvia’s Liv (Finno-Ugric speaking) minority, and Ludvigs Almers, a clergyman.

See also here.

When Latvian veterans of Adolf Hitler‘s Waffen SS, considered a criminal organization ever since the Nuremberg trials, march in Riga, these Rightist politicians do not talk about that outrage “costing too much in police resources and street closures”, economic crisis or no crisis. No, they prefer to brand non criminal gay people as criminals of some sort. Disgusting.

Latvia: Unprecedented economic collapse: here.

Amnesty blasted Lithuanian MPs yesterday for voting to proceed with a Bill that would “institutionalise homophobia”: here.

Peru ‘bar gay people from police’: here.

Gays and Lesbians in Japan Get the Cold Shoulder: here.

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