British politicians’ expenses scandal

From British daily The Morning Star, about Conservative and “New” Labour politicians in the expenses scandal:

Flash Gordon
Gordon Brown
Wanted £6,577 to pay cleaner for Westminster flat

Dodgy Dave
David Cameron
Demanded £82,000 for his second home

Taxback Jack
Jack Straw
Claimed for full council tax despite 50 per cent discount

Clean Paul
Paul Murphy
Claimed £35 for a toilet roll holder.

Homey Tony
Tony Blair
Paid mortgage worth 10 times house’s original cost.

‘Bricks’ Shaun
Shaun Woodward
Took £100,000 for mortgage on one of his seven properties

Two Loos
John Prescott
Had us pay for loo seat to be repaired twice in two years

Aga Oliver
Oliver Letwin
Asked the public to pay to service his Aga cooker

However, the same article notes:

The BNP is a racist party and UKIP have had their own expenses problems in the European parliament.

Also from the Morning Star:

[“New” Labour] Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell was so concerned about “benefit scroungers playing the system” that he implemented in full the report written by Tory peer Sir David Freud, a well-known investment banker, multimillionaire and self-proclaimed welfare “expert.”

Now, thanks to a leak, we understand Purnell, who “earns” £142,000 per annum, has claimed more than any other Cabinet minister, many of whom have their snouts well in the trough, including Hazel Blears who claimed not just for a second home, but a third.

THE Metropolitan Police is considering an investigation into MPs’ exorbitant expenses claims: here.

Expenses scandal: here. And here. And here. Lord Peter Mandelson in the scandal: here.

HUNDREDS of greedy MPs groaned and reeled on Wednesday after learning that outside auditors will go through their entire expense claims for the last four years with a fine-tooth comb: here.

THE government’s wide-ranging Equality Bill was in mortal danger on Tuesday after neanderthal Tories threatened to kill it off at the first opportunity: here.

Lord Mandelson: here.

Romania: Ten thousand workers have marched through Bucharest to warn “thieving” politicians that anti-crisis measures must prioritise job creation and social welfare: here.

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