Georgian anti Saakashvili protests expanding

This video from 2007 says about itself:

Complete chaos and confusion in Tbilisi. Tear gas covered the center of the Georgian capital. Police fire tear gas at protestants.

From Associated Press:

May 11, 3:32 PM EDT

Georgian opposition pledges broader protests after meeting with president ends in stalemate

Associated Press Writer

TBILISI, Georgia — Georgia’s opposition vowed Monday to take protests nationwide after refusing a power-sharing offer from the president, who they say must resign.

A meeting between President Mikhail Saakashvili and four of his most outspoken opponents ended in stalemate. The opposition promised to escalate the monthlong standoff in which thousands have demonstrated outside government buildings, occasionally clashing with police.

Critics say the U.S.-backed Saakashvili led Georgia into the disastrous war with Russia last summer and allege he is backtracking on democratic progress made since he overthrew Eduard Shevardnadze in a 2003 peaceful revolution.

“We will keep on fighting for Saakashvili to resign, for the freedom of the press, and for the protection of all our citizens,” said Irakli Alasania, an opposition figure who attended the Saakashvili meeting.

Alasania spoke in front of Georgia’s parliament building and about 10,000 supporters. The opposition promised to mobilize activists across the country in peaceful protests, including blockades of major highways, until Saakashvili resigns.

“From today, we have the legitimate right to hold public protests that are larger, more urgent and take them all across Georgia,” said Levan Gachechiladze, another opposition politician.

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