Manatee, turtle rescued

This is a manatee video.

From Wildlife Extra:

Biologists rescue manatee entangled in fishing line in Florida Keys

11/05/2009 12:13:34

April 2009. Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, with the help of the Miami Seaquarium and the Dolphin Research Center, rescued a manatee from Tarpon Basin in Key Largo.

More than two years ago, FWC biologists learned of a manatee with a front flipper severely entangled in monofilament fishing line. The biologists made several attempts to rescue the adult female manatee. They were concerned about the manatee’s chance for survival, because fishing line can cut off circulation, leading to amputation of the flipper and possibly death.

Earlier in the week, a biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey was able to spot the animal and place a tracking device on the tail. This device allowed FWC biologists to track the manatee and follow it to an area suitable for rescue.

Because of the severity of the entanglement, FWC biologists transported the manatee to the Miami Seaquarium for removal of the monofilament line. The animal will be released back into the wild once it is medically cleared by veterinarians.

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Also from Wildlife Extra:

Endangered Green sea turtle rescued for a second time- From a car

10/05/2009 23:12:37

Endangered sea turtle in Miami man’s cooler

May 2009. One green sea turtle has been on quite a journey during the past year. After being stranded with a shell wound in April 2008, the turtle was rescued and rehabilitated at Miami Seaquarium, before being released back into the wild in March 2009, only to be snatched by a Miami fisherman on April 16.

While on routine patrol, officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) stopped a group of fishermen on the J.F.K. Causeway in North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County, and asked to see their buckets. Officers inspected the buckets and found mullet and sardines. At that point, officers noticed a large cooler inside the truck of one of the fishermen.

The owner of the truck identified himself as Ramon Puente of Miami. Officers asked Puente if he had fish or other marine life in the cooler, and he said no. As officers were opening the cooler, Puente advised them he had caught a sea turtle and was going to take it to a rehabilitation facility. Officers opened the cooler and found a live, endangered green sea turtle inside. Puente was charged with unlawful possession of a marine turtle, which is a third-degree felony.

The sea turtle was returned to the Miami Seaquarium, where veterinarians will determine if the animal is healthy enough to return to the wild.

Sea turtle nesting season has begun on Florida’s coast. Sea turtles are protected by US state and federal laws. It is against US law to take, possess, disturb, mutilate, destroy, sell, transfer, molest or harass marine turtles, nests or eggs.

Highest ever number of Manatees recorded in Florida: here.

Unprecedented number of cold-related manatee deaths in Florida: here.

Manatees in Crystal River, Florida from Oceana on Vimeo.

This video is called Manatees in Crystal River, Florida.

Sea World returns a manatee to the wild: here.

Belize Manatees a Separate Subspecies, DNA Confirms: here.

Manatees are endangered marine mammals susceptible to cold stress when the water temperature drops in winter. Florida’s power plants provide warm water.

Sierra Leone: Freetown — Owing to the indiscriminate and massive hunting, killing and sale of the West African Manatee (Mammy Wata), an endangered aquatic mammal, key Fisheries and Marine stakeholders, including Paramount Chiefs, Councillors, hunters and fishermen from various parts of the country, have at a one-day consultative workshop vowed to assist government and partners in implementing strategies that would enhance the conservation and management of the mammal: here.

New Science for Protecting Manatees: here.

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