Georgian soldiers revolt against Saakashvili regime

From British daily The Guardian:

Army base revolt in Georgia denounced as ‘attempted coup’

• Minister says revolt aimed at disrupting Nato exercises [planned for tomorrow in Georgia]
• Tbilisi claims ‘plotters’ were paid by Russia

Yes, it is always easier for authoritarian regimes to blame “foreigners” for trouble, than to blame themselves.

A revolt has broken out at the Mukhrovani army base near the capital, Tbilisi,in what the Georgian defence ministry described as a military coup, Reuters reported today. …

Georgia has been plagued by unrest since last summer’s disastrous war with Russia, with thousands of citizens demanding the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Opposition politicians accuse Saakashvili of presiding over an increasingly authoritarian and repressive regime.

They have also attacked him over his handling of the conflict with Russia in August, prompted when he tried to recapture the breakaway region of South Ossetia. …

In November 2007, the president used riot police and teargas to disperse an anti-government rally, prompting criticism from the US, Georgia’s key western backer, and the EU. …

Some Georgians are tired of political bickering and remain sympathetic to government calls for stability amid the global crisis, which the International Monetary Fund has warned will have a deeper impact in Georgia than first predicted.

When Saakashvili’s youthful, mainly western-educated team came to power it was praised by the then US president George Bush as a “beacon of liberty”.

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According to Dutch NOS TV:

Hundreds of soldiers in a tank batallion near Tblisi refused to obey orders. About thirty tanks and armoured cars have surrounded the base for some time.

The mutiny stasted after some soldiers had been arrested.

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2 thoughts on “Georgian soldiers revolt against Saakashvili regime

  1. To truly understand current events in Georgia and the Saakashvili regime, the new documentary, “At the Top of My Voice” ( is essential viewing.


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