Mallow skipper butterfly back in the Netherlands

Mallow skipper

From the Dutch butterfly foundation:

Near Maastricht, the mallow skipper butterfly has been observed, a species which had been seen in the Netherlands for the last time in 1953. This species is helped by warming …

1 thought on “Mallow skipper butterfly back in the Netherlands

  1. Bolivia: Rich countries must pay their `ecological debt’

    Submission by Republic of Bolivia to the Ad Hoc Working Group on
    Long-term Cooperative Action under the [UN Framework Convention on
    Climate Change] (AWG-LCA)

    April 25, 2009 — We call on developed countries to commit to deep
    emission reductions in order to advance the objective of avoiding
    dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system and its
    consequences, to reflect their historical responsibility for the causes
    of climate change, and to respect the principles of equity and common
    but differentiated responsibilities in accordance with the UN Framework
    Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

    * Read more


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