Swine influenza predicted in documentary?

From Jennifer’s Documentaries Blog in the USA (with URL corrected, and hyperlinks added, by me):

Swine Flu Forecast in Animal Rights Documentary?

Tuesday April 28, 2009

Whoa! Talk about coincidence, synchronicity, timely discussion. These terms often applicable in retrospect to the release of issue-oriented documentary films, but they are particularly relevant in the instance of HBO’s March 16 premiere of Death On A Factory Farm, a documentary about the commercial breeding of pigs. The film uses footage taken undercover to expose the absolutely horrendous conditions under which pigs are raised and slaughtered for meat.

While the documentary focuses primarily on animal rights and makes no assertion that the factory farm’s appalling conditions of filth and neglect might breed diseases associated with pigs or pig husbandry, it wouldn’t take a hog jumping over the moon to suggest that the shockingly inhumane realities revealed in the film might have dire consequences for the health of the livestock, and that disease in one species is fairly easily transmitted to another.

Take a look at the Death On A Factory Farm trailer and draw your own conclusions. And let us know your thoughts.

As swine flu hits Europe, officials set to ‘halt spread’: here.

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