World economic crisis, workers fight back

The IMF has predicted a deepening recession in Europe, with the euro zone’s economy contracting by 4.2 percent this year, significantly worse than its January forecast of a 2 percent decline: here.

As finance ministers meeting in Washington failed to adopt any new policies to confront the deepening world economic crisis, the head of the World Bank warned that it threatens to unleash “a human and developmental calamity”: here.

USA: Wall Street pay back to pre-crash levels: here.

Animals and money: Bronx Zoo lays off hundreds of ‘unpopular’ animals: here.

With wages and employment falling but student debt increasing, US college students face increasingly difficult prospects finding jobs and starting families: here.

This is a French video about Caterpillar workers in action.

France: Caterpillar workers, facing 733 planned job cuts at the transnational construction and agricultural machinery company’s two plants in Grenoble, rejected their unions’ compromise deal with management last week: here.

British government denounced by charities for neglect of the poor: here.

Australia: Survivors of Victorian bushfires receive minimal compensation: here.

2 thoughts on “World economic crisis, workers fight back

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    According to a 2008 national public opinion survey, 79 percent of Americans believe that zoos and aquariums are good for their local economy, and an impressive 80 percent believe that zoos and aquariums are important enough to local communities to be supported by government funding. But you don’t need a survey to tell you that. All you need to do is go there, as I do with my boys, and see the children’s faces light up. That tells you all you need to know.

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