Ecuadorean leftist president Correa re-elected

From DPA news agency:

Correa re-elected as Ecuador’s president: Exit poll

Quito, April 27 Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa was re-elected Sunday with 54 percent of the first-round vote, according to results broadcast by television channel Ecuavis from an exit poll by the government-hired pollster Santiago Perez.

According to the exit survey, former Ecuadorian president Lucio Gutierrez (2003-05) got 31 percent.

In order to avoid a runoff, the socialist Correa, 46, needed to either capture a majority of the vote, or a plurality of more than 40 percent with a margin of at least 10 percentage points over the second-place candidate.

No major incidents were reported during Sunday’s voting. There were some minor logistical problems, including delays and isolated instances of campaigning in polling stations, which is illegal.

Observers from the European Union and the Organisation of American States were in attendance.

Preliminary official results for the presidential election were expected to be released late Sunday, though broader results were likely to take longer, with 6,000 elected positions at stake.

The election was historic in Ecuador as the first in which an incumbent president sought re-election.

This was the South American country’s fourth national balloting in 28 months since Correa was first elected president.

If official results confirm Correa’s victory, he would win a four-year term. Under the new constitution, he would still be eligible to seek re-election to another four-year mandate.

ECUADOREAN President Rafael Correa pledged to help build “a more just, fair and dignified country” on Monday after exit polls showed voters had granted him a second term in office: here. And here.

Ecuador Eliminating Fossil Fuel Use in the Galapagos: here.

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