Crows versus buzzard

After yesterday, today again to Gooilust nature reserve.

Its garden had been closed yesterday, but was open today. Overhead, a buzzard was attacked by two carrion crows, but flew on.

From the water, edible frog sounds.

A long-tailed tit in a shrub.

Then, the only Davidia involucrata tree in the garden. There are two more further in Gooilust. The species is originally from China. It was discovered there by the nineteenth century missionary Père David, hence the name; the Père David’s deer is also called after David. On one of the leaves of this tree sat a large red damselfly.

Rather high in a bigger tree a bit further, a singing male greenfinch.

A blue tit, sitting in a tree with few leaves yet.

Barn swallows high in the air. Green woodpecker sound.

A woman tells us that the lesser spotted woodpecker nests in another part of Gooilust. No black woodpeckers here, as Gooilust does not have enough coniferous trees. However, there are black woodpeckers on other reserves not far away.

Maybe the bullfinch nests here as well, she says. Earlier, today, she had seen a sparrowhawk catch an unidentified bird in the garden. Sparrowhawks nest usually close to humans, to avoid competition from goshawks.

She says June is the best time to see grass snakes at Gooilust.

For the second time today in the garden, two carrion crows try to drive away a buzzard. A grey heron flying overhead.

A speckled wood butterfly.

Finally, just before the exit of Corversbos reserve, a song thrush on the right hand side of the bicycle track.

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