Some Bushist torturers may be prosecuted, Obama says

This video from the USA on Bush administration torture is called If Torture Works, Why Did We Have to Waterboard Someone 183 Times?

From British daily The Guardian:

Obama: Bush aides may be prosecuted over torture

• Decision to prosecute rests with attorney general, Obama says
• Obama lifts opposition to separate congressional inquiry
No prosecution of CIA agents expected

* Ewen MacAskill in Washington
* Tuesday 21 April 2009 21.42 BST

Senior members of the Bush administration who approved the use of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation measures could face prosecution, Barack Obama said today, in a surprise about-turn by the president.

He said his attorney general, Eric Holder, was conducting an investigation and the final decision rested with him.

Obama cited four Bush administration memos he released last week detailing CIA interrogation measures, saying they “reflected, in my view, us losing our moral bearings“.

The revelation of possible prosecutions amounts to a turnaround by Obama, who had been resisting a prolonged and divisive partisan row that could distract from his heavy domestic and foreign agenda.

Torture memos provoke deepening political crisis: here.

CIA torture, cartoon by Mikhaela

The US Senate has released a new report which confirms that top US officials – and not a “few bad apples” of low rank – were responsible for the brutal treatment of detainees in the discredited war on terror: here.

CIA Exempt On Torture, But Not Lynndie England: here.

Trickle-Down Torture: Rumsfeld Memo Used to Justify Torture in Gitmo, Afghanistan and Iraq: here.

Bush Administration Wanted Iraq–Al Qaeda Connection, One Way or the Other: here.

MoveOn Torture Ad Highlights Cheney for Investigation: here.

How the Bush administration waterboarded a low-level operative, who was brain-damaged, 83 times: here.

Dozens of Prisoners Held by CIA Still Missing, Fates Unknown: here.

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