Anti refugee racism in Australia

This video is called Beyond Belief – Afghan Womens’ Hardship and Hunger.

By Patrick O’Connor in Australia:

Australia: Racism and the 47 Afghan asylum seekers

22 April 2009

The arrival of a boatload of 47 Afghan asylum seekers, five of whom tragically died in an explosion last week off Australia’s northern coast, has triggered an hysterical national security scare and anti-refugee campaign by politicians and the media. Anyone looking in from outside would be forgiven for believing that the country was under imminent threat of invasion from a huge influx of aliens, intent on seizing scarce resources and undermining the “Australian way of life”.

Within hours of the boat explosion on April 16, and before any investigation, the Western Australian state premier vilified the impoverished Afghans, declaring that they had deliberately doused their vessel with petrol and ignited it.

The Rudd government is still refusing to release details of how five asylum seekers lost their lives when their tiny boat exploded and sank off Australia’s north-west coast on April 16: here.

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