Lebanese birds

This video from Israel says about itself:

Releasing 2 honey buzzards back to nature at Shezaf nature reserve

From BirdLife:

Identifying and Conserving IBAs in Lebanon


The Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL; BirdLife in Lebanon) and A Rocha Lebanon have completed a three year, nationwide search for new Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

In a country critical for many birds – such as migratory soaring birds, species with restricted ranges, and over-wintering waterbirds – Chris Naylor from A Rocha Lebanon said: “3,000 hours of monitoring has more than tripled the number of IBAs in Lebanon, marking the start of the conservation process for these sites”.

Prior to the recent surveys, four sites in Lebanon had been recognised as IBAs. “It was essential to collect more information about our bird havens, and identify more Lebanese IBAs”, noted SPNL’s Bassima Khatib. “Having identified the key sites, we can now seek to ensure their protection and management for the future”.

One newly identified IBA – the Beirut River Valley – covers over 8,000 hectares of riverside, woodland, cultivated ground and high cliff tops. “During the migration periods, more than 70,000 soaring birds fly through the Beirut River Valley IBA, including White Stork Ciconia ciconia, European Honey-buzzard Pernis apivorus, and Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina”, commented Bassima Khatib. Many migratory soaring birds funnel through Lebanon as they glide on thermals; exposing them to threats such as illegal hunting, water pollution and habitat loss.

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