18 thoughts on “Anti Hitler lawyer Hans Litten

  1. Holocaust survivors angered as Israeli town twins with Dachau

    Source: Telegraph (UK) (10-13-09)

    Dachau has become the first former site of a Nazi death camp to twin with an Israeli town in a controversial peace project that has angered Holocaust survivors.

    While 22 other German towns are twinned with Israeli locations in friendship-building pacts, until now the pairings had not included a site of a former concentration camp.

    Peter Bürgel, the mayor of the German town, spent two years searching for an Israeli location willing to partner with Dachau, near Munich, where the Nazis built their first concentration camp in 1933 and murdered at least 40,000 prisoners.


  2. Re #2 Hi, thanks for your comment at my blog.

    I would not write about 1931 `Hitler’s regime had been growing more troublesome` as in 1931, there was not yet the Hitler regime, but still the Weimar republic, though Hitler, though not in government yet, was growing in power.


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