Skylark and avocet

Today, to Eempolder nature reserve.

First, to Zuiderheide. In higher trees around the heathland, chiffchaff and chaffinch songs. In lower trees, willow warbler.

Singing high above the heath, a skylark. After singing for minutes, the skylark goes down. A bit later, a buzzard flies there.

Skylarks have dialects – And don’t take kindly to strangers: here.

To the east of Eemnes village, a meadow. With two bird species, characteristic for Dutch meadows which are at least a bit “bird friendly”: lapwing and oystercatcher. Also, wood pigeons. A barn swallow flying over the grass.

Pied wagtail on the road. In the Eemnesservaart canal, mute swans; a Canada goose and a domestic goose together; mallards; two great crested grebes; coots; moorhens.

A kestrel, hovering.

Three great cormorants.

Then, the first one of many black-tailed godwits. This is a characteristic species for really bird friendly meadows and nature areas. Every spring, they return from Africa; many of them to breed in this area near the mouth of the Eem river.

Two male shoveler ducks. A house martin flies past.

In a meadow, redshanks. A curlew flying.

A male reed bunting singing.

Grey lag geese.

Avocets looking for food in shallow water.


Flowers of dandelion, alehoof, and shepherd’s purse.

We did not see the black-winged stilts depicted in this video here today. But we did hear the background sound of the video, the persistent black-tailed godwit calls.

At the end of a sandbank in the water, a common tern. Swimming in front of it, gadwall ducks; shovelers; and teal.

On our way back, the Zuiderheide again. We did not hear the skylark sing this time. But we did see a meadow pipit on a bush. On another bush, a bit later, a stonechat.

Mute swans nest at bottom of Sir Peter Scott’s statue at Barnes WWT: here.

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