French Caterpillar workers fight on

This video from France is about Caterpillar workers demonstrating in Grenoble.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Caterpillar lay-off deal crawling on

Thursday 16 April 2009

POLICE were deployed on Thursday at a plant in the French Alps owned by US corporation Caterpillar where workers camped out overnight to bolster their demand for a decent redundancy package.

Employees at Caterpillar’s two French plants in and near Grenoble are seeking improved redundancy terms after bosses, who enjoyed profits of $3.5 billion (£2.3bn) last year, announced that 733 out of the facility’s 2,800-strong workforce must go in order to keep the firm afloat amid the market meltdown.

As tense negotiations over severance payments dragged on, about 50 workers camped out on Wednesday night in tents in front of the site in the Grenoble suburb of Echirolles.

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