Dinosaur age turtle egg research

This video says about itself:

Reconstructing extinct organisms: fossil turtles from Angola

10 February 2014

New fossil finds from Angola show a diversity of marine turtles previously unknown in the Cretaceous of Africa.
In 2010, the PaleoAngola Project recovered a well preserved skull, jaw and associated postcranial material of a new marine turtle from the Late Cretaceous Mucuio Formation, Bentiaba, Angola.

From ScienceDaily:

Prehistoric Turtle Goes To Hospital For CT Scan In Search For Skull, Eggs, Embryos

(Apr. 15, 2009) — Michael Knell carried a 75-million-year-old turtle into Bozeman Deaconess hospital recently, then laid it carefully on the bed that slides into the CT scanner.

Hardly an ordinary patient, the turtle fossil was only the second in the world found with eggs inside it, said Knell, a Montana State University graduate student in earth sciences. His turtle (from the genus Adocus) came from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Kanab, Utah. The previously described turtle, which was found in Alberta, is also an Adocus and lived about the same time. Knell wanted his fossil scanned to see if he could find a skull and more eggs and learn whether or not the eggs contained embryos.

“It allows us to peer inside without digging into it,” Knell said. “It gives us a hands-off look without having to break anything.” …

Knell said paleontologists have found about 10 different species of turtles and many fossilized egg shells in the hard sandstone of southern Utah. The team that found this Adocus in 2006 was led by Alan Titus, paleontologist at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Barry Albright, a researcher from the University of Northern Florida. Preparators learned that the turtle contained eggs after removing a section of its shell.

“It was kind of a happy accident,” Knell said.

Adocus turtles generally laid small round eggs, about the same size as modern turtle eggs, Knell said. Based on what he knows about prehistoric turtles and living turtles, Knell said his Adocus was about a week away from laying the eggs when she died.

He added that it’s rare to find turtle heads because the joint that connects them to the vertebrae is weak. Heads often get swept away and don’t stay with the bodies. Knell was hoping that his turtle’s skull had gone inside the shell before death.

Alligators Hint At What Life May Have Been Like For Dinosaurs: here.

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