London Visteon workers keep fighting

From British daily News Line:

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


SACKED Visteon workers yesterday said that they had stopped 17 employees of the liquidator, KPMG, entering the plant in the morning who were seeking to work to get out much needed Jaguar and Land Rover parts.

Stephen Parenti, former Unite chair at the Enfield plant, told News Line, ‘Visteon still have 20 days’ worth of parts in the Enfield plant.

‘These are destined for Land Rover and Jaguar.

‘We don’t know if the staff arrived to move the parts or to prepare to remove the parts but they were not let in.

‘There was also an open day at Edmonton organised by KPMG for us to have interviews for possible jobs.

‘I feel this was a ploy to get most of us away from the factory, but they did not succeed.

‘They don’t realise they’ve got an educated workforce here.’

3 thoughts on “London Visteon workers keep fighting

  1. (Updated April 14) Ireland & Britain: Car workers occupy plants over
    jobs — Support Visteon workers!

    April 9, 2009 — Visteon workers in Enfield, having been threatened with
    mass arrest by a court order, agree to leave peacefully under the
    recommendation of the union on April 9, 2009. Some workers feel that
    ending the occupation is a mistake, despite an agreement by the Visteon
    management to enter into negotiations.

    * Watch and read more


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