French Rightists Le Pen and Sarkozy in trouble

This music video is called DIAMS: ANTI LE PEN.

From British daily The Independent:

Le Pen’s HQ up for sale as party declines

By John Lichfield in Paris

Published: 11 January 2008

For sale: prestigious offices overlooking the river Seine. Previously the headquarters of famous and (once) successful, xenophobic, political party. Offers over €16m (£12m).

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front, finally conceded yesterday that his debt-burdened party would have to sell its offices in the wealthy suburb of Saint-Cloud, west of Paris.

The building, known as le paquebot (the steamship), because of its vaguely nautical look, was a symbol of the upward mobility of the party when purchased in 1994. The distress sale is a sign of a radically changed political landscape in France and foreshadows the end of the “Jean-Marie” era.

Also the first French President ever to receive the racist Le Pen at the presidential palace, Nicolas Sarkozy, is in trouble, according to The Independent:

Sarkozy is mean, cold and a serial womaniser, says ex-wife Cécilia

By John Lichfield in Paris

Published: 11 January 2008

The former French first lady Cécilia Sarkozy has tried to block publication of a book in which she is quoted as criticising her ex-husband’s morals, his parenting skills and his fitness to be president.

Mme Sarkozy’s remarks in the book, published yesterday, are her first public attacks on her ex-husband since they were divorced last October.

A journalist, and long-time confidante of Mme Sarkozy, Anna Bitton, quotes her as describing President Nicolas Sarkozy as a sauteur (a vulgar term for a serial womaniser). Mme Sarkozy describes the President as “having a ridiculous side … with a real behaviour problem”. She is also quoted as saying that he is “mean with money” and “a man who loves no one, not even his children”.

The publication of the book is going ahead.

There is a parallel between Sarkozy and Tony Blair (who supported Sarkozy against, officially, Blair’s fellow Social Democrat, Ségolène Royal): love for money. Sarkozy got [that is, he gave himself; paid by the tax payers] a salary incease of 140%. First, he got 7,700 euro a month; that became 19,000 euro.

Carla Bruni, Sarkozy’s new girlfriend, is usually refered to as a singer. However, she is also an heiress of the big Ceat/Pirelli corporation, and used to make over 7.5 million dollars a year as a model. See also here.

France obtains energy deals, establishes first military base in Persian Gulf: here.

The Sarkozy government and opposition to it in December 2008: here.

Rachida Dati: here. And here.

Rama Yade: here.

In a region dominated by the US for the past 50 years and where America has conducted two major wars—in Iraq and Afghanistan—France is offering nuclear protection to a country [UAE] without coordinating its actions with NATO and the US: here.

The Sarkozy government’s health reform law, voted through by the senate on June 5, will reduce spending and allow development of the private sector: here.

6 thoughts on “French Rightists Le Pen and Sarkozy in trouble

  1. Le Pen: Auschwitz didn’t have gas chambers

    Extreme right-wing leader repeats claim that no Jews were gassed or burned at Nazi death camps, says Auschwitz inmates worked as laborers for factory.

    Far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen sparked a chorus of outrage in France on Friday by repeating an incendiary claim that the Nazi gas chambers were a “detail of history.”

    Anti-racism and Jewish groups threatened immediate legal action against the National Front chief – who already holds several similar convictions – after he made the comments in a magazine interview.

    “I said the gas chambers were a detail of the history of World War II: that, to me, seems so obvious,” the 79-year-old Le Pen told Bretons magazine.

    Le Pen was fined 1.2 million francs ($290,000) for making the initial remarks in a radio interview in 1987.

    When the Bretons journalist told him that the Nazis “deported people to camps simply to kill them,” Le Pen replied: “But that is what you believe. I don’t feel obliged to adhere to that view.”

    “I observe that in Auschwitz there was the IG Farben factory, there were 80,000 laborers working there. As far as I know they were not gassed, anyway, nor burned.”

    The French Council of Jewish Institutions (CRIF) accused Le Pen, whose political fortunes have recently slumped, of “going even further down the road of revisionism… to draw attention to himself.”

    SOS racism called his remarks “a pitiful attempt to keep himself in the media eye”, while the French Jewish Student Union (UEJF) said it was taking legal action against him.

    The International League Against racism and anti-Semitism (LICRA) said it planned to file fresh legal action aginst Le Pen after consulting its lawyers.

    And France’s Young Socialist Movement (MJS) said it hoped “the courts will not let such remarks go unpunished.”

    Convicted several times for inflammatory comments on race and World War II history, Le Pen was handed a three-month suspended jail sentence in February for describing the Nazi occupation of France as “not especially inhumane”.

    He was found guilty of denying a crime against humanity and complicity in condoning war crimes, over the remarks made in an interview with a far-right magazine in 2005.

    In 2002 the firebrand leader shocked Europe by making it through to the second round of France’s presidential election.

    But his party has racked up millions of euros of debts after losing state subsidies thanks to its unexpectedly poor showing in last year’s parliamentary elections.,7…535953,00.html


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