More British economic crisis

This video from England says about itself:

The Economic Crisis & Poverty in Britain

Leicester & District Trades Union Council secretary, Paul Henderson talks about the economic crisis in Britain, the effect it is having on working class families and what should be done about it. Henderson was speaking at the May Day rally that was held in Leicester to commemorate International Workers’ Day 2014.

The economic crisis continues; also in Britain.

GREEDY executives at Barclays and Virgin Media became the latest bosses to treat their workers with contempt on Monday – by raking in millions of pounds in bonuses and share sales while slashing thousands of jobs.

THE National Union of Teachers conference backed the People’s Charter on Monday as a unified platform of workers’ demands for action on the economic crisis.

Why decades of neoliberalism have only helped the rich: here.

FURIOUS firefighters threatened on Monday to take the “strongest possible action” to defend their jobs after a senior fire chief blew the whistle on plans to slash their pay.

This video about a firefighters’ demonstration is from Milwaukee in the USA.

1 thought on “More British economic crisis

  1. Teaching the rich and powerful a lesson

    I think it’s time we started to revive the tradition of issuing rotten fruit to ordinary people to throw at the useless rich as they pass by.

    At the end of a long line of infuriating tycoons including Sir Fred Goodwin is self-styled philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter, who has called for Scottish teachers to be put on performance-related pay – and be sacked if they don’t meet targets.

    Writing in Scottish business magazine Insider this month, Hunter argues for his idea because “great teachers and institutions would rise or fall on performance, as judged by their customers and independent analysis.”

    Hunter made his pile from selling sportswear and now, a bit like Prince Charles, he has a gofer to do everything for him, including speak.

    His spokesman Ewan Hunter – no relation – explains his master’s article thus. “Teachers who are not performing … we need to find a constructive way for them to leave the profession.

    “We can’t jeopardise the life of a young child by a poor teacher. Thankfully, Scotland doesn’t have many. Sir Tom hugely admires and respects the profession.”

    So why does Sir Tom feel qualified to pontificate about teachers? Well, basically, he’s rich.

    As such, he was unsurprisingly feted by the previous Labour-led Scottish Executive and he put some money into a programme called Schools of Ambition, which was later canned by the incoming SNP government.

    As well as the rotten fruit, we should ban the rich from making stupid public pronouncements and instead force them on to a performance-related pay scheme of punitive taxation. That would learn them.
    NUJ fights for jobs

    The 48-hour strike over the weekend by the NUJ at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail in Glasgow was the latest battle in the continuing war against redundancies and cuts in the Scottish media.

    Over 200 NUJ members passed a motion of no confidence in the Scottish management of Trinity Mirror, which owns the once market-leading titles.

    A mass meeting in Glasgow before the strike expressed disgust about the way that individuals had been told they were compulsorily redundant. Union members called for the reinstatement of more than 20 journalists selected for redundancy and demanded the union pursue every means at its disposal to challenge the dismissals.

    NUJ Scottish organiser Paul Holleran backed the call and told the meeting: “We will step up industrial action, taking more strike action next week as well as pursuing all legal action possible, both collectively and on behalf of individuals.

    “It is also time for the politicians to put more pressure on the people at the top of the table at the Record and Mail and demand reinstatement of our members.”

    Donations to the Record and Mail NUJ chapel should be made payable to the Alan Hutcheson Fund and sent to NUJ Scotland, Third Floor, 114 Union Street, Glasgow G1 3QQ.


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