British government spin scandal

Damian McBride

From British daily The Morning Star:

Labour Party spin doctors slammed for ‘dragging party into gutter’

Monday 13 April 2009

LEFT MPs accused the new Labour administration of “undermining belief” in the party on Monday as a smear row escalated.

The latest scandal to engulf the government centres on a set of emails sent by spin-doctor Damian McBride to Derek Draper and Charlie Whelan suggesting that false stories should be circulated to undermine senior Tories.

Mr McBride, who resigned from his post as close adviser to Prime Minister Gordon Brown when the emails were leaked to the press, has been condemned by Labour MPs.

Labour Representation Committee (LRC) chairman John McDonnell called on Mr Brown to act decisively by launching an independent inquiry into who was involved.

“Smear tactics like this are not the Labour way. They drag the Labour Party into the gutter.

“They just add further to the undermining of the belief that Labour Party supporters have placed in our party,” he said.

Fellow campaigning MP Jeremy Corbyn said that the whole affair had come about as a result of where “new Labour politics had led us to.

“We have a set of unaccountable spin doctors who are working in a make-believe world where there is no politics.”

“People in the Labour Party are being put off by this self-serving nonsense,” he said.

Mr Corbyn went on to say that progressive elements in the party would continue to focus on real issues.

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