Some secret Reagan, Bush documents released

This video is called Coverup – behind the Iran-Contra affair (1988) – 1:12:22.

From The Raw Story in the USA:

Obama to release Reagan records kept secret by Bush

Muriel Kane

Published: Friday April 10, 2009

The Obama administration is about to release 244,966 pages of documents from the Reagan White House that the Bush administration had held back for years during a review of whether to assert executive privilege.

Historians and advocates of government transparency have complained strongly about the Bush backlog, which Obama ended with an executive order signed the day after he took office that limits the review period to 30 days in most cases.

In a letter obtained by Politico, White House Counsel Gregory Craig informed the National Archives and Records Administration that President Obama “has not asserting executive privilege over any of this material,” opening the way for their release.

According to a press release from the National Archives, “On Monday, April 13, 2009, the Ronald Reagan library will open 244,966 pages of records processed in response to hundreds of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. These records include the Presidential Briefing Papers collection, Office of Speechwriting research material and approximately 13,000 pages of declassified records on numerous foreign policy topics.”

Another 797 pages of documents from President George H.W. Bush‘s administration on the topic of Saudi Arabia will be released at the same time.

President George W. Bush had held these documents back under an executive order signed on November 1, 2001. According to the New York Times, “The order, drafted by Alberto R. Gonzales, then the White House counsel, gives either an incumbent president or a former president the right to withhold the former president’s papers from the public. It was issued to block the release of 68,000 pages of records from the Reagan administration, which contain confidential communications between President Ronald Reagan and his advisers, including Mr. Bush’s father, George Bush, who was Reagan’s vice president.”

Former White House Counsel John Dean pointed out at the time, “The Executive Order suggests that President Bush not only does not want Americans to know what he is doing, but he also does not want to worry that historians and others will someday find out. Certainly that is the implicit message in his new effort to preclude public access to Presidential papers — his, and those of all Presidents since the Reagan-Bush administration.”

It is not yet known what documents are to be released. However, the fact that both the elder Bush and a representative of Ronald Reagan approved the releases suggests that papers relating to the most controversial issues of their administrations, such as Iran-Contra, will not be included.

From the New York Times:

Some Republicans have begun reassessing whether Mr. Reagan today affords the best example as they seek a path back to power. The economic crisis, which Mr. Obama last fall declared a “final verdict” on the anti-government philosophy that George W. Bush and Mr. Reagan shared, has made Reaganism less politically marketable than at any time in a generation.

This 11 March 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just nailed exactly how Ronald Reagan ran a white supremacy based campaign. Michael Brooks and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

7 thoughts on “Some secret Reagan, Bush documents released

  1. Grant’s brigade fights push for Reagan on $50 bill

    Source: AP (4-24-10)

    Bugler, sound the charge! Folks in southern Ohio are mounting a counterattack against a congressional proposal to replace native son Ulysses S. Grant with Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill.

    Politicians have passed resolutions, businesses have put up signs, letter-writing campaigns have begun, and, of course, a Facebook page has been created for the cause of leaving Grant’s image just as it is on the currency. A bill pending in the U.S. House seeks to replace Grant with Reagan, the late 40th president and conservative icon.

    Grant’s backers will try to drum up more support Saturday with speeches following a 21-gun salute at his birthplace in Point Pleasant, and Civil War reenactments in his nearby boyhood hometown of Georgetown, part of annual celebrations of his April 27, 1822, birthday.


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