Rightists blame gays for US mass murders

Anti gay marriage homophobes, cartoon by Mikhaela

Anti gay marriage homophobes, cartoon by Mikhaela from the USA

There are plenty of crackpot theories claiming to explain mass murders in the USA, like in Columbine in 1999, and more recently.

The religious far Right in the USA does not seem to think their usual scapegoats, like Marilyn Manson or other rock musicians, the Internet, “the liberals”, etc., are enough. Meet the new scapegoat: married gay people. From Amanda Terkel at Think Progress:

Right-wing group tries to ‘connect the dots’ between ‘gay marriage and mass murders.’

In recent days, there has been no shortage of fear-mongering about same-sex marriage. Right-wing groups have said that marriage equality removes the “cornerstone of society” and may “destroy…democracy.” Morality in Media President Bob Peters goes even further today, linking same-sex marriage to the recent tragic uptick in mass murders.

See also here.

7 thoughts on “Rightists blame gays for US mass murders

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