Polish homophobe attacks elephant

Elephant Ninio

Not just in the USA there are lunatic homophobes. Also in other countries, like Poland.

From British daily The Independent:

Polish politician fumes over ‘gay’ elephant


Friday, 10 April 2009

A Polish politician has criticised his local zoo for acquiring a “gay” elephant named Ninio who prefers male companions and will probably not procreate, local media reported today.

“We didn’t pay 37 million zlotys ($11 million) for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there,” Michal Grzes, a conservative councillor in the city of Poznan in western Poland, was quoted as saying.

“We were supposed to have a herd, but as Ninio prefers male friends over females how will he produce offspring?” said Grzes, who is from the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party.

The head of the Poznan zoo said 10-year-old Ninio may be too young to decide whether he prefers males or females as elephants only reach sexual maturity at 14.

Maybe Mr Grzes is seeing pink elephants

See also here. Apparenty, Ninio is an African elephant.

Polish local authority homophobia: here.

‘Gay writing’ falls foul of Amazon sales ranking system: here.

Britain: A TUC-SPONSORED conference next week will discuss what are described as the growing problems of homophobia and transphobia in faith communities.

Homophobia in Peru: here.

12 thoughts on “Polish homophobe attacks elephant

  1. Kirk facing schism over the calling of Rev Rennie

    The Westminster Parliament isn’t the only institution facing its biggest disruption in centuries.

    The Church of Scotland is riven from genesis to revelation by the “call” which the congregation of Queen’s Cross church in Aberdeen made to openly gay minister Rev Scott Rennie.

    In fact Rev Rennie has been a Church of Scotland minister in Brechin for 10 years.

    He is a popular and active local community activist. He was married and has a child but has been openly in a gay relationship for some time.

    Kirk homophobes seized their opportunity to campaign and formal complaints were raised by members from other congregations against the appointment.

    So the church’s supreme court had to decide.

    On Friday last week, the church commissioners voted 326 to 267 to confirm Rev Rennie’s appointment.

    Now, some of the homophobes have said that they will split from the church, which faced its last major division over the issue of its independence from the British parliament in 1843.



  2. International Day against Homophobia celebrated in Cuba — three
    reports from Havana

    Havana, 16 May, 2009 — Prensa Latina — International Day against
    Homophobia was observed here today, with the participation of a diverse,
    largely youthful public. Mariela Castro Espín, the director of the
    National Center of Sex Education (CENESEX), presided over the
    inauguration of the day’s events with a parade and the opening of the
    panel on “Sexual diversity in the Cuban family.”

    * Read more http://links.org.au/node/1058


  3. Officials seize two tons of tusks

    Thailand: Customs officials have seized two tons of elephant tusks from Africa hidden in pallets labelled as mobile phone parts in the country’s largest ivory seizure.

    Officials valued Wednesday night’s haul at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at 120 million baht (£2.4m).

    Poaching of elephants in central and eastern Africa has intensified in recent years, with much of the illegal ivory exported to Asia.



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