“Boss-napping” by Belgian workers

This is a video of a steel workers’ demonstration in Brussels.

From Reuters:

Workers in Belgium stage “boss-napping

By Yvonne Bell

April 9, 2009

BRUSSELS – Fiat workers in Brussels on Thursday briefly held local managers inside their office in a bid to renegotiate terms for planned job cuts, the latest in a spate of so-called “boss-nappings” across Europe.

The dispute centred on 24 planned redundancies at a local sales and repair office in the Brussels’ suburb of Schaerbeek. A Reuters witness said the three managers walked free after being held throughout the afternoon by angry workers.

“Twenty-four of us have been told our jobs will go, without compensation, without pension arrangements,” Jean-Pierre Timmermans, a 51-year-old employee in the client reception area told Reuters shortly before the managers were allowed out.

“All we want is dialogue and we have had no dialogue,” said Timmermans, who said he had worked in the company for 28 years. …

In France, the last boss-napping ended on Wednesday when workers released four managers they held overnight when talks came to a head over the potential closure of an adhesive tape factory run by Britain’s Scapa Group in southern France.

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