Economic crisis update

Responding to fears that growing social unrest will scare off foreign capital, Peruvian President Alan Garcia vowed to employ extra-constitutional power to guarantee the security of foreign investments in Peru: here.

PERU: Where the Poor Pay More for Water: here.

Having admitted that Australia faces recession, the Labor government is drawing up plans for severe cuts to social spending: here.

Victory for Amsterdam Airport cleaners: here.

Capitalism vs. socialism in public opinion polls in the USA: here. And here.

1 thought on “Economic crisis update

  1. Two weeks ago, we told you about an exciting, youth-led grassroots movement [in the USA] to break up the banks called A New Way Forward.

    On Saturday, A New Way Forward is sponsoring a nationwide day of action to demand that our leaders (1) nationalize (2) reorganize, and (3) decentralize the banks as a first step toward building a more just economy.

    On Saturday, come to a rally near you for speeches, street theatre, petition gathering, and phonebanking to Congress. Add your voice to this growing movement to demand our tax dollars be used to fix our problems, rather than preserve the fortunes of those who created them.

    For too long we have been told to sit passively and watch as our country’s financial elite run the economy into the ground – taking our jobs, our homes, and our pensions down with them. And when we get outraged about using our tax dollars to pay their huge bonuses, they tell us to shut the **** up.

    The time has come for us to demand change. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner must stop wasting trillions of our tax dollars on a broken rescue plan that only benefits those who created this crisis. Last week’s enthusiastic rally on Wall Street was a great start. So join a rally near you on Saturday:

    But if you can’t come, make sure our Senators and Representatives hear us by signing our petition to Break Up the Banks:

    Please help us build a powerful nationwide movement on Saturday. And share your thoughts in our blog:

    Thanks for all you do!

    Bob Fertik


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