Wicken Fen nature reserve online

This video from England is called Wicken Fen observation hide.

From Wildlife Extra:

Wicken Fen complete natural history goes omline [sic]

08/04/2009 00:32:34

Wicken Fen set for wildlife first on the web

Britain’s best documented and most species-rich nature reserve, Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire, has published an online archive of 56,000 records dating back to the 1820s.

More than 7,400 species

The archive includes records of more than 7,400 different species over a 180 year period and this is the most comprehensive collection of natural history information for a single site. Developed by the National Biodiversity Network, the archive will enable wildlife enthusiasts to access maps and records about Wicken Fen at the click of a mouse. …

The most diverse group of species is not the plants or birds, but the invertebrates and especially the insects. Three groups of insects each have over 1000 species, the flies (1,893 species), the beetles (1,527 species) and the moths (1,083 species).

These three groups alone make up more than 56 per cent of all the species found at Wicken Fen. When all of the records from Wicken Fen have been added, and once classifications are complete, this will take the total number of species found here to more than 8,100 species.

Stuart Warrington added: “Just a short distance from Cambridge, Wicken Fen has a prodigious list of rare species from plants such as the Great Fen Sedge, Fen Violet and Whorled Water-Milfoil to birds including the Marsh Harrier and Cuckoo. Perhaps even more impressive is that there are over 600 insect species at Wicken that are listed as nationally endangered, rare or scarce in the UK Red Data Books.”

May 2010. Local bird watchers have recently reported sightings of rare wading birds including avocet, temminck’s stint and whimbrel on the National Trust’s Tubney Fen (Part of Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve), near Reach in Cambridgeshire: here.

Guardian: Studying dung on the Wicken Fen: here.

Wicken Fen Nature Reserve, near Ely, Cambridgeshire, will be holding a Dragonfly Discovery Day on Saturday 11 June to officially launch National Dragonfly Week (11 – 19 June): here.

Woodland birds get a lift in Newcastle: here.

RSPB Ouse Fen, otherwise known as The Hanson – RSPB wetland project, has been nominated as ‘Britain’s Favourite Nature Reserve’ in the BBC’s Countryfile Magazine Awards 2013. RSPB is BirdLife in the UK: here.

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