Moldovan anticommunist violence after communist election victory

This is a Moldovan communist election TV video.

From Reuters:

April 7, 2009 – 2:11 PM

Moldovan protests turn violent after Communist win

By Dmitry Chubashenko and Gleb Garanich

CHISINAU – Protesters denouncing a Communist election victory in Moldova seized the president’s offices on Tuesday, hurling computers into the street while police took cover behind riot shields, Reuters reporters said.

About 10,000 demonstrators massed for a second straight day in the capital of Europe’s poorest country after the Communist Party led by veteran president Vladimir Voronin scored a big victory in a weekend parliamentary election.

Opposition leaders demanded a new election to resolve the confrontation with Voronin, the only Communist president in Europe, who accused them of seeking destabilisation and demanded an end to the “bacchanalia.” …

Protesters hurling rocks overwhelmed riot police protecting both the president’s office and parliament — located opposite each other on the capital Chisinau’s main boulevard — and poured into both buildings through smashed windows. …

Arcadie Barbarosiem, from Moldova’s Institute for Public Policy, said the opposition had mishandled the protests.

“Opposition leaders have wasted a lot of time. Will they be able to lead this protest, to direct it in a more civilised way?” he said. “Will they have enough force, intellect and skills to do so?”

The election polarised Moldova between mostly older and rural voters, who see the Communists as a guarantor of stability, and those who identify with pro-Western liberal parties that broadly call for closer ties with Romania. …

The communists won about 50 percent of the vote. Parliament elects the president, and the Communists appeared very close to securing the 61 seats they need in the 101-seat assembly to secure victory for their chosen candidate.

From Dutch NOS TV:

The 200 OSCE observers in Moldova say that the elections were fair.

So, this is what those observers from Western, mainly anti communist, countries say.

Imagine if communists would lose an election and then in revenge would start smashing government buildings, computers, etc. The corporate media would resound with descriptions of the communists as “thugs”, “criminals”, “hooligans”, and what not.

Remember the 2000 United States presidential election? Then, it was not an issue of communists. The Democratic party is far from being leftist, let alone communist. Nevertheless, hysteria broke out, when Democratic candidate Al Gore, who had more votes than Republican George W. Bush, did not immediately concede defeat after losing a vote, not from the electorate, but in the Republican-packed supreme court. Loudly, Gore was called a “sore loser” in the media.

If someone is supposedly a “sore loser” after winning more votes than his opponent; then, how should one call the Moldovan anti communists? The communists got “about 50 percent”; the biggest anti communist, pro Greater Romania and pro NATO party got 13%?

As a compromise between government and opposition, it has now been decided that the votes will be re-counted.

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