Moldovan communist election victory

This is a video of the communist youth organization in Moldova.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Moldovan Communists score landslide victory

Monday 06 April 2009

MOLDOVAN election officials announced on Monday that the ruling Communist Party had easily won weekend elections.

The Central Election Commission reported that the Party of Communists (PCRM) garnered about 49.9 per cent of the vote to win its third consecutive parliamentary election.

The PCRM first came to power in 2001 and was re-elected in 2005.

The commission said that 52.25 per cent of voters had participated in the ballot, exceeding the 50 per cent plus one threshold which is required to make the elections valid.

Three other parties managed to pass the 6 per cent threshold required to enter the legislature – the Liberal Democrat Party with 13.9 per cent, the Liberal Party with 13.9 per cent and Our Moldova Alliance with 10 per cent.

All three are in favour of closer ties with the European Union, free-market policies and pursuing NATO membership.

The PCRM also wants to boost ties with the EU, but it favours a strong “social state” and is opposed to joining the Western military alliance.

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