Death of London G20 demonstrator

This is a Pet Shop Boys music video about the police killing of Jean Charles de Menezes in London.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Spectre of de Menezes looms over G20 death

Sunday 05 April 2009

by Paul Haste

BRUTAL: Riot police have been criticised for their violent behaviour on the demonstration.

PROTESTERS demanded a full public inquiry on Sunday into the death of a man during the police repression of the G20 demonstrations in London last week.

Gathering to confront security forces in the City again on Sunday, activists insisted that 47-year-old shopworker Ian Tomlinson had died after police officers prevented him receiving medical care when he collapsed near the Bank of England on Wednesday.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched an investigation into his death, but protesters on the march through the capital’s financial district stressed that “this is not enough.”

The Metropolitan Police have been quick to claim that the death was due to natural causes. A spokesman insisted: “Mr Tomlinson had a heart attack on his way home from work.”

But witnesses continued to come forward to challenge this official version.

Press photographer Anna Branthwaite related that she clearly remembered seeing Mr Tomlinson “being rushed from behind by a riot officer with a helmet and shield two or three minutes before he collapsed.”

And a statement given to IPCC investigators by witness Amiri Howe states that Mr Tomlinson was hit “near the head” with a police baton.

A female protester, who declined to give her name, added that she saw a man who she later realised must have been Mr Tomlinson “hit the top front area of his head on the pavement.

“I noticed his fall particularly because it struck me as a horrifically forceful push by a policeman and an especially hard fall – it made me wince,” she recalled.

Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who also sits on the Metropolitan Police Authority, declared that the discrepancy between these witness statements and the police’s official story reminded her of the killing of Brazilian migrant worker Jean Charles de Menezes.

After the police shot Mr de Menezes dead on a Tube train in 2005, officers were alleged to have made misleading statements to the media in an attempt to deflect blame.

“I’m very concerned about the reports that are gradually coming out about the death of Ian Tomlinson,” Ms Jones said.

“He appears to have been an innocent man. Are the reports that he fell while being chased by police true?

“And did the policy of kettling – rounding up the demonstrators and confining them to a small space – contribute to his death?” she asked.

Ms Jones insisted that she will “seek reassurances from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner that there will be no possibility of collusion amongst police officers over statements regarding his death and the IPCC investigation.”

Other protesters also demanded that the inquiry look into police tactics.

G20 demonstrator Gayle O’Donovan said: “The behaviour of the police was the worst I have seen on any demonstration.

“Their kettling tactic, so called because of the effect it has on those enclosed, raises the temperature and makes an outbreak of anger far more likely.

“It is a dangerous tactic that must now be investigated,” she insisted.

Organisers and groups involved in the protest against the G20 summit in London have called for an independent public inquiry into the brutal policing of the demonstrations last week, following the death of a man on his way home from work: here.

THE family of the man who died of a heart attack during the G20 protests appealed to witnesses to the incident to come forward on Tuesday: here.

Hundreds of Tamils demonstrated in Parliament Square yesterday after a sit-in of thousands on Westminster Bridge was broken up by riot police: here.

Britain: THE government awarded two multimillion-pound contracts for its controversial biometric passport and ID card scheme on Monday: here.

THE champagne corks were popping on Monday at the offices of IBM and CSC, the two multinational firms handed multimillion-pound contracts for that latest stage of the government’s ID card project: here.

6 thoughts on “Death of London G20 demonstrator

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