G20, British economic crisis, update

G20 offers ‘bitter pill’ to world’s poor: here. And here. And here.

Britain: UNITE union joint leader Derek Simpson urged Ford bosses on Friday to honour their moral obligations to Visteon workers who lost their jobs with only a few minutes notice: here. See also here. And here. And here. And here.

FURIOUS Royal Bank of Scotland shareholders overwhelmingly voted against the bank‘s remuneration report on Friday after controversy over former chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin‘s £700,000-a-year pension: here. And here.

GREEN campaigners told the nationalised Royal Bank of Scotland to “clean up” by investing in renewable energy during a noisy demonstration outside its AGM on Friday: here.

BANK workers attacked the majority state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland’s “devastating” announcement on Tuesday of 4,500 job losses: here.

MPs called for a one-off government bail-out on Friday for charities which lost millions when the Icelandic banking system collapsed last October: here.

ANTI-MONARCHY campaigners welcomed a National Audit Office report into UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) on Friday which condemned the role of trade ambassador Prince Andrew: here.

RAIL booking-office clerks are to be balloted for industrial action in a row over the dismissal of a manager, with union leaders warning of a possible strike on May Day, their union announced on Friday: here.

5 thoughts on “G20, British economic crisis, update

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