Anti Afghan war die-in in London

This video is called US Soldiers Abuse Afghan Civilians.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Protesters plan die-in at Afghanistan war HQ

Friday 03 April 2009

ANTI-WAR protesters said on Friday that they will stage a die-in at Britain’s Afghanistan war HQ in north-west London next month.

The action will be the first large-scale civil disobedience against the war in Afghanistan.

It will take place in Northwood in the wake of Friday’s NATO summit in France, at which Prime Minister Gordon Brown offered to send more British troops to Afghanistan to provide security during the forthcoming presidential election.

The temporary increase in troop numbers would be subject to “appropriate burden-sharing” by other NATO allies, British officials said.

Maya Anne Evans, who is the first person to be convicted for demonstrating without police permission in the vicinity of Parliament, will take part in the die-in.

She said: “The majority of people in Britain want all British troops home from Afghanistan, but we’re still there and we’re putting more troops in at the request of President Obama.

“The blood of Afghan brides and grooms is on our hands, thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed by US/NATO bombing. This has to stop – and that’s why I will be taking part in non-violent civil disobedience at Britain’s Afghan war headquarters on May 27.”

The date of the protest marks the second anniversary of an attack on a wedding party at Haji Nabu in Afghanistan in which 47 civilians were killed by US bombing.

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US President Barack Obama failed to drum up significant troop commitments for the Afghan war at a NATO summit in Strasbourg on Friday: here.

INTERNATIONAL aid agencies condemned Washington‘s surge plan for Afghanistan on Friday, warning that it could serve to increase civilian casualties without delivering greater security: here.

Treecreeper and roe deer

This is a video about birds at a fountain, including great tit, blue tit, greenfinch, starling, chaffinch.

Today, a walk from Schoonoord nature reserve to Spanderswoud nature reserve.

On a Schoonoord meadow, a pied wagtail.

Great spotted woodpecker.

On another meadow, Egyptian geese and mute swans.

On a tree just before Hilverbeek, a greenfinch.

A buzzard calling from a tree. Chiffchaff sound.

A treecreeper climbing up a big oak tree.

Two roe deer grazing, then crossing a footpath. Behind them, a jay.

A nuthatch going inside its nest hole.

On a canal bank, coltsfoot flowers.

NATO protesters gather near Strasbourg

This video from France is called No to NATO Protest – Strasbourg 1st 5th April 2009 – Raw Footage.

From British daily The Morning Star:

TENS of thousands of demonstrators descended on two south-west German towns and the French city of Strasbourg yesterday before a NATO summit marking the military alliance’s 60th anniversary.

Update 3 April 2009: here.

Discussions at the NATO summit that takes place Friday and Saturday will be dominated by the occupation of Afghanistan—the most protracted war carried out by the military alliance in its 60-year history: here.