NATO and the Afghan war

This is a video about anti NATO activists’ actions in Strasbourg, France.

From Reuters today:

NATO in crisis over Afghan war

The NATO alliance, born from the ashes of World War Two, meets for a 60th anniversary summit on Friday to seek ways to avoid humbling in a far-off war in Afghanistan it never imagined having to fight. …

Tarak Barkawi, of Cambridge University’s Centre of International Studies, called NATO’s Afghan mission “a mess.”

“Things don’t portend well for the future at all. People are under the illusion that somehow Afghanistan is a less difficult country to fight in than Iraq and that’s simply not the case.”

The top US military commander in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. David McKiernan, has formally requested the deployment of an additional 10,000 US combat troops for the increasingly bloody war in the Central Asian country: here.

2 thoughts on “NATO and the Afghan war

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