Carp and butterflies

Today to the nature reserve.

One white stork head sticking out from the nest; another stork standing besides it. Later, a stork walking on the meadow.

In the forest, a speckled wood mating flight.

Sounds of the great spotted woodpecker and the green woodpecker. Grey herons flying to their treetop nests.

In the castle moat, three carp. Edible frogs near the bank.

This is a great egret video from the USA.

Later, from the train near Weesp, a great egret.


Portuguese men-of-war in Mediterranean

This is a video about Portuguese men-of-war.

From British daily The Guardian:

Potentially lethal Portuguese men-of-war seen off Mediterranean beaches

Invertebrates with sometimes deadly stings make unusual incursion into waters normally considered too warm for them.

See also here.

Cornwall beach-goers warned to watch out for Portuguese man-of-war: here.