Saakashvili’s Georgian cannon fodder to Afghanistan

From Trend News in Azerbaijan:

Tbilisi, March 31 / N. Kirtskhalia/

Georgia is prepared to send a military contingent to Afghanistan, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said at a press conference with U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman General James Cartwright.

“I have told this to General Cartwright and the U.S. administration earlier,” he said, adding that Georgia is ready to contribute to the war on terrorism.

Duh … the new Obama administration in the USA is just dumping the phrase “war on terrorism” (whether they will dump the practice is another issue). Maybe Saakashvili thinks that George W. Bush is still in the White House.

Bush and Saakashvili

Georgia has deployed a peacekeeping force in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.

Strange types of “peace” indeed which Saakashvili helped George W. Bush to keep. In Kosovo, most Serbs, Roma, Egyptians, etc., and all Croats and Jews, have been ethnically cleansed under the aegis of NATO. The remaining people mainly live in dire poverty. Unless you are an Albanian Kosovar a rich Albanian Kosovar a rich Albanian Kosovar with a good relationship with armed nationalist paramilitaries. “National independence” is marred by foreign soldiers and military bases; and by the fact that most countries in the world do not recognize it, only a minority of close United States allies do. Meanwhile, people still die from NATO’s depleted uranium.

Saakashvili also helped Bush keeping peace in Iraq. A “peace” of over a million people killed, of torture worse than under Saddam Hussein, of over four million refugees.

And the “peace” of bombed weddings, legalized rape, and Bagram torture prison in Afghanistan also is a very particular kind of peace; which is “peace” only in a NATO Newspeak dictionary.

Nearly 2,000 soldiers were withdrawn from Iraq during the August conflict.

Georgia has said it is ready to send 300 soldiers to Afghanistan.

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How will United States generals in Afghanistan like it, if Saakashvili maybe will withdraw his cannon fodder from Afghanistan as he did from Iraq; as he will prefer to use it in war in South Ossetia or Abkhazia again, with the same disastrous consequences for civilians as in 2008? If Saakashvili will have a fit of playing at being Napoleon Bonaparte in the Caucasus again, maybe to distract by external war attention from the Georgian internal opposition to his autocratic rule?

The Georgian army is a conscript army. So, people justifying using soldiers’ lives as cannon fodder cannot use the bromide “Well, after all they are professional soldiers etc.” here.

18 thoughts on “Saakashvili’s Georgian cannon fodder to Afghanistan

  1. Gunman kills 13 at oil institution

    AZERBAIJAN: At least one gunman has opened fire at the country’s prestigious oil training institution, killing 13 people and wounding 10.

    Chief paramedic Mursal Hamidov, speaking to reporters at the sealed-off boundary of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, said the attacker had committed suicide but conflicting media reports said that there had been as many as four assailants.


  2. U.S. ambassador: Georgia can have two subdivisions in Afghanistan

    04.06.09 18:14

    Georgia, Tbilisi, June 4 /Trend News, N. Kirtskhalia/

    U.S. ambassador to Georgia says Georgia can have two subdivisions in Afghanistan. The participation of Georgian military contingent in Afghanistan together with U.S. forces is being studied, U.S. ambassador to Georgia John Taft said.

    “This is separate from the group that serves in Afghanistan at France’s zone of responsibility,” ambassador said.

    He said the number and location of Georgian forces in Afghanistan is being determined.


  3. Georgian and French military men to prepare jointly for Afghanistan’s mission: defence minister

    05.06.09 12:19

    Georgia, Tbilisi, June 5 / Trend News N. Kirtskhalia /

    Over 170 best Georgian infantrymen will join French peacemakers in Afghanistan. “Joint preparation of Georgian and French military men will be launched the nearest future,” Georgian defence minister David Sikharulidze told Georgian media outlets in Washington.

    He said that Georgian military men together with French peacemakers will be placed 10 kilometers from Kabul.

    It will happen in the end of summer when Tbilisi plans to join its armed troops to operations in Afghanistan.

    “Moreover, Georgia is ready to fulfill transit function for participants-countries of this operation,” minister said.

    Presently, another contingent consisting of U.S troops is planned to be directed. Talks are being held, U.S ambassador to Georgia John Tefft said.

    The Georgian ministry of Defence withdrew its troops from Iraq and intended to direct 400 prepared soldiers to Afghanistan in August 2008.


  4. Georgia plans to send 500 troops to Afghanistan

    Updated at: 1540 PST, Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    WASHINGTON: Georgia plans to send about 500 soldiers to Afghanistan next year to bolster the NATO-led security force there, a US defense official said on Monday.

    Georgia, which wants to join the NATO alliance over objections from Russia, will deploy “the equivalent of a battalion” in Afghanistan in 2010, a US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

    Close to 90,000 foreign forces, most of them Americans, are stationed in Afghanistan, fighting an increasingly bloody insurgency being waged by the Taliban and its allies.

    Insurgent attacks have reached record highs in recent weeks in Afghanistan, raising concerns about security ahead of the war-torn country’s second-ever presidential elections due in two months.

    About 2,000 Georgian troops were deployed in Iraq from August 2003 but were rushed back to Georgia in August last year amid a battle with Russian forces over South Ossetia.

    News of Georgia’s plans came as the White House said US Vice President Joe Biden was due travel to Georgia and Ukraine between July 20 and 24.


  5. US will not get Humvees back

    Russia: A senior general has declared that Russia will not return US Humvee jeeps seized by Russian soldiers during the brief war with Georgia last year.

    Deputy Chief of the General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn said that Russia considers the four Humvees to be war trophies and has no obligation to give them back.

    According to the Pentagon, the US vehicles had been used in joint military exercises in which US “trainers” were preparing Georgian troops for deployment in Iraq.


  6. USA to help Georgia train military units to be sent to Afghanistan

    10.08.09 22:11

    Georgia, Tbilisi, August 10 / Trend News N. Kirtshalia /

    U.S. proposes to train and instruct that part of the Georgian army, which will be sent to Afghanistan, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza said to press conference in Tbilisi on August 10.

    He stressed that the plans of the American side does not include armament and bringing arms to Georgia, it is only the training of military personnel to be sent to Afghanistan.

    “And Russia also recognizes it needs to put an end to terrorism in Afghanistan,” Bryza said.


  7. Georgia Sends Troops to Afghanistan

    Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 16 Nov.’09 / 14:23

    A company from the II brigade’s 23rd battalion will depart to Afghanistan to join the NATO-led operations on November 16, the Georgian Defense Ministry said.

    The company will serve under the French command. France has more than 3,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan, mainly north of Kabul in the Kapisa and Surobi areas.

    Georgia will increase number of its troops next year when it plans to send a battalion under the U.S. command. Bacho Akhalaia, the Georgian defense minister, said after the increase total number of Georgia troops in Afghanistan will be up to 800.


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