Anti NATO actions

From AAPSO (Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization):

Sixty Years of NATO

By the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the socialist camp (the countries of Eastern Europe and the USSR), the Warsaw Pact came to its end. It was the big global alliance which stood in the face of NATO. By the fall of the Warsaw Pact, the pretext provided by NATO members as a justification of its existence and continuation became invalid. The West always alleged that NATO was basically an alliance to protect the capitalist west in the face of the communist east.

However, what happened after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact was contrary to what should have been … a similar dissolution of NATO.

NATO instead started to expand eastward and include within its members Eastern European countries, that were a part of the socialist block, in order to besiege Russia again. It further began to give itself powers to intervene in the south under the pretext of countering terrorism like what occurred in Afghanistan. Hence, the role of NATO has exacerbated instead of having declined, and it has become an imminent danger threatening all the peoples of the world.

It is worth mentioning that NATO costs its members billions of dollars annually. Today while the world is going through a severe financial crisis, the peoples need to save every penny in order to survive and get over the crisis. Therefore, this huge military spending must aggravate the crisis and put shame on the peoples whose governments are members in NATO and their ability to bring about development. NATO is an abortive instrument and a danger that threatens the world with economic destruction and ruin.

NATO has now completed sixty years of crimes against humanity and against peoples. On this occasion, many global anti-war and struggling-for-peace organizations including the World Peace Council (WPC), are preparing for launching an anti-NATO campaign. They have already undertaken many activities in this respect and held three conferences – a European conference in Berlin on 14th – 15th March, an American conference in Buenos Aires on 19th – 20th March and an international conference in Belgrade on 23 – 24 March.

Learning that NATO is due to celebrate its 60th anniversary through a summit which is due to be held in Strasbourg, France and Baden-Baden, Germany on 2nd – 5th April 2009, the mentioned peace organizations have announced that they are going to convene an anti-NATO conference in Strasbourg on 3rd April under the title of “Bombing Yugoslavia as a Precedent of NATO’s Future Crimes”.

The peace forces along with the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) will also participate in the anti-NATO massive rally scheduled on 4th April [in Strasbourg].

AAPSO calls for ending the presence of NATO as it lost the justification of its existence. This is in addition to the fact that AAPSO always opposes the military alliances and bases thinking that they represent a threat to the peace and the freedom, independence and sovereignty of peoples.

AAPSO, in addition, announces its strong support for all the world peace forces in that battle which is indeed regarded as a historic and decisive battle in the lives of peoples.

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2 thoughts on “Anti NATO actions

  1. FRANCE: Some 30,000 French and German police began taking up positions around three cities on both sides of the Rhine river on Tuesday before a NATO summit involving US President Barack Obama and 25 other leaders.

    France has launched its biggest security operation in years for the summit, which is scheduled to take place on Friday and Saturday in the French city of Strasbourg and the German cities of Kehl and Baden-Baden.


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