No democracy at The Hague Afghanistan conference

This video, in Spanish and German, is about an anti Afghanistan war demonstration in Berlin, Germany.

Next Tuesday, March 31, there will be an intergovernmental conference on Afghanistan. It will be at the Congrescentrum, Churchillplein 10, in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Officially, the conference is about bringing democracy to Afghanistan. Does not sound really credible from governments most of whom have so far basicallly brought occupation, war, and death to Afghanistan.

Now, it turns out that there will also be no democracy around the conference hall in the Hague. According to polls, most Dutch people oppose the war in Afghanistan (like most people in Britain and Germany; nearly half of United States people; etc.). However, this majority view among the people will not be allowed to express itself in a peaceful demonstration in the Hague. The authorities wanted to allow just fifty demonstrators locked behind fences in a protest pen some distance from the conference hall.

The organizers of the anti war protest, the Dutch Stop NATO coalition, rejected this new neutered form of the constitutional right of free speech. They have announced that they will demonstrate near the conference hall anyway on Tuesday 31 March.

3 thoughts on “No democracy at The Hague Afghanistan conference


    Resolution regarding an IVAW Position Statement on Afghanistan

    Whereas, Iraq Veterans Against the War [in the USA] is an organization that has opened its membership to veterans of the war in Afghanistan;

    Whereas, the war in Afghanistan is continuing into its seventh year with rising casualties among the Afghan people, and with U.S. and Coalition forces facing their deadliest year since the invasion;

    Whereas a primary motivation for the prolonged occupation of Afghanistan is competition between the U.S., Russia and China for control of oil and natural gas resources in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea;

    Whereas, the military occupation is creating tension and resentment among the Afghan people, to include Afghan women, many of whom are calling for the removal of all foreign occupying troops;

    Whereas, the Afghanistan war dehumanizes the Afghan people and denies them their right to self-determination;

    Whereas, our military is being exhausted by involuntary extensions, and activations of the Reserve, National Guard and Individual Ready Reserve, and by repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan;

    Whereas, service members are facing serious health consequences due to our government’s negligence in Iraq and Afghanistan and mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs;

    Whereas, there is no battlefield solution to terrorism, and any escalation of the war in Afghanistan will only serve to exacerbate the plight of the Afghan people, destabilize the region, and further the breakdown of our military;

    Therefore, be it resolved that Iraq Veterans Against the War calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all occupying forces in Afghanistan and reparations for the Afghan people, and supports all troops and veterans working towards those ends.


  2. Germany, USA at Odds on Afghan Operation

    Berlin, Mar 28 (Prensa Latina) An operation by US troops in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, caused uneasiness in Germany, which maintains 4,500 troops there, according to press reports in Berlin.

    The operation might have put in danger German forces deployed in the area and tarnished the peacekeeping image that Berlin and its troops try to show, said Der Spiegel magazine in its edition intended for Monday.

    The US Army notified the German command in Kunduz about the need to clear the airport in the said city, and later they landed Hercules military plane and war helicopters there, which took off, heading for the house of the Imam Saheb district’s mayor.

    The journal quotes secret service sources saying that German troops maintained good relations with the mayor, the bodyguards of whom were arrested, along with two of his guests, the cook and another four people.

    The driver of the Afghan mayor was killed in the operation, supposedly intended to arrest an alleged member of the Al Qaida network, though Der Spiegel says it was based on false information given by a member of the Afghan government, allegedly linked to drug trafficking, who wanted to get rid of a rival in the business.

    Berlin maintains troops in northern Afghanistan and around Kabul, but refuses to deploy forces to the country’s south and east, where armed resistance to foreign occupation is stronger.



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